At RTI we are taking you to the fastest routes across the Pacific Ocean, our
SEA-US Cable System bypasses the earthquake zone in East Asia for connection
resilience and better performance.



Dark fiber—installed but unused fiber optic cable—offers a wealth of opportunities by providing virtually limitless bandwidth for data-intensive needs, with diverse routes to enable content carriers and providers to reach their customers in milliseconds.


Lit fiber services—leveraging cable systems already in operation—enables fast, reliable Internet access while simplifying network management. For customers reaching out to users through Asia and across the Pacific, lit services provide the highest level of Ethernet solutions with scalability to support and manage changing bandwidth needs at 10/100/1Gb/10Gb speeds.

RTI’s lit services will allow you to grow your network by extending your LAN or Ethernet private line architecture, and they are supported 24/7/365 by highly experienced NOC technicians.


RTI lets you connect seamlessly with more than 300 partners. Our interconnection infrastructure offers obvious benefits.

  • RTI lets you connect seamlessly with more than 300 partners. Our interconnection infrastructure offers obvious benefits.

  • Acceleration of time-to-market with our grids of extensive interconnection network.

  • Best-in-class connectivity solutions to all major data centers and meet-me rooms.

  • High-speed multi-homed bandwidth, supporting DS1, DS3, fast Ethernet. and fiber cross connects.


Securing the entitlements necessary to install and operate a cable system is a delicate, complex, and dynamic undertaking. Multiple layers of governmental, nongovernmental, and private entities and interests often present conflicting requirements. Navigating these processes demands the very specialized skillsets, expertise, and relationships that RTI’s personnel have built over decades of experience. Some of these specialized skillsets are identified below.

  • Expertise building a project strategy utilizing both established agency relationships and the comprehensive understanding born of direct experience to minimize the risks inherent in the permitting process.

  • Provision of high-quality and objective environmental review, regulatory planning, and resource management services that integrate complex compliance requirements with project demands.

  • Negotiation of private land easements or lease agreements to secure marine and terrestrial system rights of use.

  • Negotiation of agreements with fishermen associations to avoid conflicts during installation and operations.

  • Coordination of operations to avoid conflicts with existing military functions.


Developing a subsea telecommunications network is an intricate and complicated task, but one that can bring significant financial benefits to network owners. Identifying the opportunities and challenges that may occur during project design, project development, and network delivery is critical to successful project implementation and operation. And RTI is here to help.

Your subsea cable project is a delicately integrated whole, where every phase is dependent on the phases that come before. RTI understands this complexity, and is deeply aware of the financial and technical implications that a single delay can bring about. With this understanding, we will manage every phase to ensure the long-term success of the investment by bringing your project in on schedule and within budget.